Senior Poverty discussed at the Kane Center

Martin County is very high for the cost of a meal.

According to these experts seniors are living out their retirements and have not planned for it. There is not enough affordable housing.

Many seniors have chronic medical conditions that render them homebound. They have no way to get nutritious food. Many refuse to ask for help. They are not eating well balanced diet that contributes to even worsening their medical conditions.

There are others that are not mentioned. Senior divorce when neither party can really afford to loose the other income. Credit Card debt with no end in sight. Houses need roofs. Cars break down.

The cost of food is going up.

The coalition that is being put together wants to be proactive.

Our local media does not want to talk about this and they must! I’m the media. I’ll start here.

We hide our poor in Martin County.  This is  a conversation we have to have.

It’s time to develop a community plan to end hunger in our community.

I’m planting spinach in the back yard. You are all invited over.

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