Don’t let your aspirin grow old

It’s getting close to National Drug take back day. Clean out that medicine cabinet.

cyndi lenz

I’m going all nursy today. I have two things I want to talk about.

1. Go clean your medicine cabinet.

A while back I was part owner of a very cool compounding pharmacy. I did all the PR , videos, blog, etc. I even produced a radio show. I wanted to do a segment called “What’s in your medicine cabinet?” because you know me. I’m nosy!  I talked to some of friends about this but no one was willing to let me see. LOL!

The worse thing you can do is actually put medications in your medicine cabinet. On Grace and Frankie there was a scene where the Martin Sheen character Robert was having a fight with the Sam Waterston character Sol about where Sol should put his medicines.

“They belong in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom.” Robert said. Sol defended himself by saying he left them out so…

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