Florida Crystals uses Florida prisoners

Sitting this morning listening to WPTV Michael Williams talk to Eric Eikenberg from the Everglades Foundation.

Sitting here in happiness as we inch closer to an agreement with the legislature to build a reservoir south of the lake. Eric is confident that this is going to happen. Yay. Other people have told me privately they are confident that this is going to happen. Michael brings up Amendment 1 that we all voted for. I just sit here and pray.

Eric talks about how this was passed 17 years ago. No one is attacking agriculture. He reminds us that big sugar wanted to sell this land a few years ago. He reminds us that we need this reservoir. The water must go down to the Florida Keys as mother nature intended or she wouldn’t have made it that way.

So far so good.

Then it is mentioned that Florida Prisoners work for the sugar companies harvesting sugar at 50 cents an hour.

Huh? What?

I thought the issue with the people in the Glades were their jobs? Their jobs are already taken by prisoners.

Just sayin.

I’m not against prisoners working. I think it’s great.

All I’m saying is lets keep the conversation real. It’s the sock puppetry that kills me.

Thanks to Eric and Michael for the great interview today.

Let’s get this done and let’s not forget abut friends in the Glades.