News Roundup 7/3/2017

News Roundup 7/3/2017

Seismic airgun testing a bad deal for Florida

by our friend Frank Jacalone boss man of the Florida Sierra Club

The Trump administration wants to allow the use of seismic airgun blasting to map the ocean floor from Florida to Delaware in the search for oil and gas. Giant air horns, so loud they would shatter the human ear, generate blasts of up to 250 decibels reaching miles into the sea. Experts say the blasts impair hearing in marine mammals responsible for their navigation, communication, eating, and mating.and would injure or kill 138,000 dolphins and whales. It would pose risks to nesting female and young sea turtles, whose behavior is altered by low-frequency seismic sounds. It would also decimate fisheries along our coast and kill off zooplankton, the foundation of aquatic life, for 135,000 square miles.

Giant Pain in the Neck? Zoo Treats Arthritic Giraffe With Acupuncture


The Roger Williams Park Zoo is one of just a few in the country to use acupuncture to help treat 24-year-old Sukari the giraffe’s painful arthritis.